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Zeus Smite - Sliding Lid - 2 Pack

Zeus Smite - Sliding Lid - 2 Pack

This product is a set of sliding lids that are designed specifically for the ZEUS Smite vaporizer. There are two chambers on the Smite that these can be used to cover, one for storage and one that is the actual heating chamber. This set provides 2 lids, one to cover each chamber. These are the exact same lids that come with the ZEUS Smite with original purchase and can serve as replacements in the event that you lose or break one or both of the originals. These lids:

Ensure chambers are always protected
Are easy to install

ZEUS Smite Vaporizer
ZEUS Smite Plus Vaporizer
Package Contents

2 x Sliding lid
How To Install

Place lid in desired location, over either the bottom or top chamber.
Press firmly until lid snaps into place.
Lid is properly installed when it slides easily but does not move when left untouched
How To Clean

If cleaning is necessary, simply use a fingernail to unsnap the lid from its place
Wash lid with warm, soapy water and dry
Re-install as directed above