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Zeus Smite - Glass Mouthpiece

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This product is a glass mouthpiece that can be used as a replacement or upgraded mouthpiece over the silicone mouthpiece that comes with the ZEUS Smite vaporizer. This glass mouthpiece is designed and manufactured by ZEUSArsenal, the original makers of the Smite to deliver increased vapor quality and flavor over the original mouthpiece. The glass mouthpiece is also easier to clean and it's features include:

Top part where mouth is placed is entirely glass
Bottom is made of stainless steel and features a built in screen
Screws in just as easily as the original

ZEUS Smite Vaporizer
ZEUS Smite Plus Vaporizer
Package Contents

1 x Glass mouthpiece

Remove mouthpiece from the vaporizer.
Discard any loose materials that may remain.
Allow the mouthpiece to soak in diluted ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution for at least 30 minutes.
Take apart and use a ZEUS Bristle Pipe Cleaner to remove any remaining material or build up.
Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry before reassembly