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Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit

Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit

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ZEUS Purify Cleaning Kit contains all the supplies you need to keep your vaporizer and its parts clean and ready to go. The kit includes the ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution, a pack of 20 ZEUS Bristle Pipe Cleaners, a pack of 25 Zeus Grime Wipes, and a pack of 20 Zeus Grime Sticks. The ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution is specially formulated to be tough on grime and build up, yet gentle on your valuable vaporizer parts as it is a concentrated aqueous cleaner containing detergents, chelating agents and alkaline builders, and does not contain alcohol, poisons, fumes and is non-flammable. While the cleaning solution helps work away the build up, the Bristle Pipe Cleaners make sure that anything remaining can easily be scrubbed away. Highlights of this kit include:

Alcohol free, earth-safe solution
Pipe Cleaners are 100% cotton and highly absorbent

Glass, ceramic, and plastic vaporizer components
Package Contents

1 x Bottle of ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution
1 x Pack of ZEUS Bristle Cleaners (20 per pack)
1 x Pack of ZEUS Grime Wipes (25 per pack)
1 x Pack of ZEUS Grime Sticks (20 per pack)
How To Use

Remove the component or accessory that needs cleaned, ensuring they will not be damaged by liquid solution
To activate cleaning solution, mix 60% cleaner and 40% hot water
Submerge component(s) in diluted ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution and allow to soak for a minimum of 30 minutes
Swish, swirl and rotate component in solution until sparkling clean
Use ZEUS Bristle Pipe Cleaners to scrub away any build up that remains after soaking.
Rinse pieces well with warm/hot water and allow drying before replacing or using.
Precautions: This product is safe and non-toxic for general health. Please practice common sense when using. Do no swallow. If swallowed, drink three glasses of milk and consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact. If contact occurs flush well with water. Anyone with sensitive skin should take appropriate precautions