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HerbalAire Elite Vaporizer

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Building on the solid foundation that is the HerbalAire H2.2 the HerbalAire Elite system is a versatile home vaporizer with some hefty upgrades you'll enjoy, especially if you like vaporizing with friends or hooking up your vaporizers to a bong.

Vaporization modes and glass adapter

The HerbalAire Elite allows for multiple styles of vaporizing and is highly customizable. Inhale directly or attach the pump system to fill a bag. One feature that's exclusive to the Elite is the ability to connect to any glass piece with an adapter.

Digital and programmable

Another upgrade compared to the HerbalAire H2.2 is the digital temperature display (Celsius or Fahrenheit), giving you all the precision and temperature feedback to vaporize exactly at your preferred setting from 250°F - 400°F (125°C - 200°C). The forced air pump can also be programmed to shut off on a timer.

Snap on crucible

Loading and unloading your vaporizer materials is made a lot easier, with the user-friendly snap on crucible, which quickly snaps onto the mouthpiece.